The Drum Dungeon Studio


House Drums

TAMA Starclassic

2 x 22″ Bass Drums
2 x 24″ Bass Drums
10″x10″ Tom
12″x11″ Tom
14″x!3″ Tom
16″x18″ Floor Tom
18″x16″ Floor Tom
20″x18″ Gong Bass Drum

08″x14″ Ludwig Coliseum Maple Snare Drum
08″x14″ Tama Lars Ulrich Signature Snare Drum
6 ½”x14″ Tama Simon Philips Signature Monarch Snare Drum
6 ½”x14″ Pearl Free Floating Brass Snare Drum

Paiste & Zildjian Cymbals

Upon request we can also supply your requested Drum shells

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