The Drum Dungeon Studio



2014, a new year in Music Productions.

We proudly present to you our Recording facility based in Wahlstedt, near Bad Segeberg, which is 62km up North from Hamburg and just 42km away from Kiel.
We mainly focused on good sounding Drum recordings out of our well equipped Studio, but also offer all other recording services for guitars, vocals, keys and a real Piano.

The Drum Dungeon offers a total space 0f 100sqm with a large recording room of 75sqm with a stage for rehearsals, a Drum plateau for the recordings and a comfortable lounge.
Our control room is rather small, 20sqm, but has all you need. “The Vault” is a smaller booth of dry 5sqm, which has been adjusted for vocal and guitar recordings and offers a live mirrored ceiling corner of 60x60x60, which of course can be covered by curtains and absorbers.
Our Equipment may be simple, digital and vintage analog with a selection of good Microphones, outboards and a great sounding room.
The DD offers a cozy and comfortable working environment and guarantees the rich sound everyone is looking for.

We work with other top Engineers and Studios worldwide and can also offer you fair prices for Mix and Master!

With a good sounding room, good gear, experienced and experimenting staff we like to say that …..”Nothing is impossible”! Just like in the old days ……  

Backline hire and accommodation can also be provided upon request!

The DD Team 


MARK CROSS, also known as the “Powerhouse”, a world class drummer, who has worked with some of the greatest Bands and Artists in the Rock History like The Scorpions, Firewind, Helloween, Kingdom Come, Joe Lynn Turner, Ian Gillan, Tank, Tower of Babel, Tainted Nation  and the Vivaldi Metal Project is the head behind the Drum Dungeon.
Great sounding drums were always what he aimed for and being a busy drummer, he decided to create his own facilities to record his Music and recapture the old ways of recording.

It was the time, when Mark moved from London to Hamburg in 2014 and was looking for the right place to set up his gear. He worked the first couple of years in Hamburg at Zwick recordings, but soon had to leave the premises and look for a new shelter, which took him nearly 14 months.
Today the new location has been found and we are ready to rock!
Mark shares his “knowhow” in Drum recording, you can rent the place, bring your own gear, but he also offers his drum services to record as a drummer or produce your Music out of “The Drum Dungeon” for Musicians, Bands, Producers, Newcomers or established Artists.

“The internet has made instant communication possible, as well as rapid file sharing to quickly complete Productions. We can exchange files via our ftp servers, WeTransfer or DropBox and deliver edited and great sounding drums for you.
You don’t have to be a famous Musician to work with famous Musicians, I am very keen to explore and share every opportunity with you.”

Mark’s longtime experience as a recording and touring Artist, as well as a recording seminar Tutor for the SAE allows him to apply top playing, recording and mixing skills and bring your Production to a world class level.
Mark has also worked in the past with producers like Charlie Bauerfeind (Helloween), Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and Gary Moore), Kip Winger and Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Outloud)

MAX KRETZENBACHER leads the world of producing at the Studio and everything related to Piano, keyboards, guitar and vocals.

Max is a multi talented Musician, playing guitar, piano, Violin and sings. He is also a skilled Engineer, haing toured and recorded with many Artists like Ken Hensley, who also produced Max´s first Band and  Album, Rudolf Rock and the legendary German Blues/Rock singer “Jessy Martens & Band”, he is a master in what he does.


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